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Sohe Life is a Singapore Based Lifestyle Gadget place that is led by a pair of highly driven siblings eager to make quality accessible for all. We are deeply committed to inspiring and improving quality of lives by tapping onto innovation and advancement. As we progress into higher ways of Living, we know that having more is not always better and we strive to give you The One. We insist that ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics should go hand in hand. Our experience should never, ever, be compromised.

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Everyone Needs ANC

Active Noise Cancellation Audio Technology uses microphones to capture incoming sounds to create inverse waves that cancel them in real time by neutralising of soundwaves. They are excellent for block out low frequencies like the deep rumble of an aircraft and subways. Headphones with hybrid ANC can act on high frequencies like human voices helping you tune out of overwhelming places and into your own personal soundscape.

We Promise To Make Quality Accessible For All

How Mixcder X1 Pro Fairs against other earbuds

Stay focused, Stay productive

Everything becomes more Enjoyable

Mixcder Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are engineered for You. With 35 hours playtime and Fast Charge, Disruption is minimised and you will be at the height of your productivity.

Go anywhere and everywhere

Mixcder will follow you everywhere and it will be your best travelling partner to wherever life takes you. The Elegant Design and Excellent Material Will encourage you to be your authentic selves. You deserve a better journey, a better life.


Our Webcams

Stay focused, Stay productive

Everything becomes more Enjoyable

Don’t let the pandemic destroy your productivity.

Always look good

Safely have your video conference, live streams, video recording under any lighting conditions. PAPALOOK’s ringlight and Logitech’s auto light adjustments will beautifully light you up. Be your best. 

Never lag again

It's not your connection, It's your webcam

Retaining a high frame rate per second FPS up to 90FPS at any lighting condition offers you the best recording quality, smoothest presentations and broadcasts. 

Be creative, take control

Zero interruptions

Logitech’s Logi Tune Desktop Application offers you control. You can adjust the colours, the white balance, set manual focus and even zoom in during a video conference call – all with no interruptions. 

Smart facial-tracking

Never settle for less

PAPALOOK AF925’s Smart Facial-Tracking AI promises accurate and fast autofocus thereby ensuring high image clarity in real time. It also allows you widescreen calling and recording in Full High Definition 1080P at 30 Frames per Second. With 5-Layer Optical lens, PAPALOOK ensures crisp images and offers automatic lighting adjustments to portray you at your best. Your experience should never be compromised.

Noise reduction microphone

You deserve to be heard

PAPALOOK AF925 is equipped with Omni-directional noise cancelling microphone which better allows you to record a more natural audio while minimising ambient noise.

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